• Can I apply online for my childs addmission?

    Yes, you can simply apply for your childs addmission on our website by filling the addmission form online, available in the addmission section of our website. And soon our representatives will get back to you.

  • Can I download the form?

    Yes, you can simply download our addmission form whis is available in the downloads section of our website and then you can print and fill the form and contact our representatives on +91 9771486123

  • Are Hostel facilities available?

    Yes, Hostel facilities are available along with two options, which can be choosen in the add-on addmission form for hostel.1).Hostel With Ac 2).Hostel Without Ac

  • Are Smart Classes available?

    Yes, We provide the best smart class experience with Educomp Smartclass.

  • Are Online Classes available? (Coming Soon)

    Yes, With the help of this feature you child can log on to our site using any internet enabled device and study through the educomp online portal. This portal includes a vast range of educational videos, quizzes, multiple choice questions and much more....

  • Any other qwery?

    Our Contact Details Are:

    Address : NH - 28, Danpur, Gopalganj - 841428, Bihar, India

    Phone No. : +91 9162237039

    Email Id : contact@rajeevglobalschool.org